Advantages of free no-obligation quotes


At London Building Contractors, we treat every client individually based on their specific requirements, ensuring that the quote contains a thorough description of the scheduled works and is accurate. As a result, we provide free, no-obligation quotes to all of our potential customers.

Free quotes have clear advantages because they cost nothing at all for our consumers to merely acquire information about our construction materials and costs of labour.

Secondly, with there being no obligation, customers are given the freedom to decide, whether or not our construction services are right for them. Furthermore, the quotes are personalised for each customer.

How do we devise our personalized no-obligation quotes?

Our construction experts first prepare an estimate, which is a current approximation of how much works would cost, not a fixed price, so it is open to revision.

After we have verbally agreed on an estimate, we plan an onsite visit to ascertain accurate pricing for the job being offered to submit a quote. An onsite visit might last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of your property and the number of works required.

A quote (or quotation) is a fixed price offer that cannot be changed once accepted by the customer. As a result, we cannot charge you more than the agreed price, once you have accepted it. Therefore, a quote eliminates the need for worrying about growing charges and late fees. However, it can be readjusted based on your specific needs and requirements.

At London Building Contractors, we offer our clients the freedom of choice, since we believe it is crucial not to force a business transaction that neither party is satisfied with. Very often, our experts present quotations to homeowners who take time to think about the specifics. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can acquire all the necessary information before making the final decision. Knowing that the service is customized according to their specific requirements, gives them the confidence that their demands are being met.
To find out exactly how much the construction works will cost you, contact one of our experts to get a free, no-obligation quote.

What details does a no-obligation quote include?

Each personalized no-obligation quote includes:

  • The customer’s information and the address/location of the works to be completed;
  • the customer’s information and the address/location of the works to be completed;
  • comprehensive drawings and specifications of the work and the materials;
  • the total cost of all materials and fittings;
  • the location of the construction site and the location of the house on the site;
  • hourly wages;
  • duration of works.

We attach a copy of our terms and conditions to each quote to provide customers with detailed information, such as our payment terms, deposits, penalties for late payment, etc.

The expiry date for our no-obligation quotes

Usually, the validity period of our no-obligation quotes ranges between 30 to 90 days from the date of signature depending on the volume of works. Of course, prices and costs will increase over time, which is why we limit the validity of no-obligation quotes to a certain period.

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