We all carry a Disney imagination of every design when in plan of starting up one. In boosting boost this further, various softwares are used in construction to produce 3D realistic renders to inform the exterior finishes of the structure. Alongside conceptual development of a design, one must study the project environment to inform the best external finishes before purchases or implementation.

The beauty of 3D designs are the various options of textures and finishes these softwares provide giving one the opportunity to exhaust their options of a perfect structure. When you talk about exterior finishes, many of course cage this into only painting works. However, this deals with the general appearance of a complete project. Commonly used finishes today include cement boards, synthetic and cement-based stuccos, cultured stone, bricks.

The important question here then is “what informs the exterior finishes to use in a project”


Considerations in identifying and applying exterior finishes.

  1. 1. Ventilation and lighting

Ventilation dictates the finishes of a structure. A building with many openings close to each other appears more appealing at its exterior with stonework, cultured brick or textured paint in-between to give it a perfect display.

  1. 2. Location of project

The location of the project-in-question accounts for various key aspects especially weather. Some materials are reactive and quickly deteriorate under specific weather conditions. In the tropical regions, 80% of the buildings are brick, concrete and steel structures as compared to the use of plaster boards as an alternative. Plaster boards will constantly be vulnerable to dampness when used.

  1. Costs and Budget

Constantly reflecting a project’s budget is an important factor to always consider especially in project planning and management. This is still not an exception even when a building owner is open to trying out various suggestions. For every suggestion, costs is an important factor and if overlooked, the quality of the material then must be of much structural and architectural worth.

  1. Availability of materials

There is a variety of finish materials used in construction, of which access to these is usually a concern. Having to import materials from a far off definitely increases the project costs. Out of sight, out of mind might be a concluding remark in such a scenario unless if the client can blind himself to import costs of the materials.




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