A few years back, interior designing to my young mind was about doing the something new, shifting from a previous view to a new present. And this applies to many too I guess. But that’s about to change when we unveil to you into the “must-consider” interior design tips for a perfect home. Your perfect interior doesn’t have to be that exclusive hotel room you dream about, or Zuckerberg’s sitting room. It could be your house, if you apply our interior design tips! This however, is a small piece from the many rules we apply. So, if you’re in need of the perfect interior designers or space planners, London Building Contractors is the go-to designer at all times.

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Now let’s jump into what we all interior lovers must do and know!



TIP 1#

Always have a tone pattern to your interior.

Monopoly is good in the market out there, having your entity doing better than anyone else can, but this is different with interior design. One color of paint and furniture gets boring at the instant of one’s sight unless if of course, it is a photo studio.

Here is the secret, for any decorations, a minimum of 3 colors is required for a perfect blend. Too many colors can also be disastrous for a building interior. A question then follows, how do I identify those colors? And if identified, how do I best blend them?

A toning is from either lightest to darkest or vice versa. In interior design, the dull/ dark ought to be addressing floor finish or accessories say rags. This usually crosses over to the sofa thus covering 60% of the interior.

The second color, I’ll call it the middle color is usually fairly toned and is defined by the various items in the center of the room space say the walls, portraits, furniture. This covers 30% of the building space.

The third is the lightest color of which many use white, and usually covers the ceiling area and the lighting system in the building space.


TIP 2#

Always balance object heights

For the design materials, say flower vases, jars, sculptures, never put items of the same height together. Always put a mix of items with height variations, just like a basket ball team needs a short height for perfect defense and the tall for the perfect shots, likewise design. The sight of the varying heights of objects allows for the involvement of one’s sight, thus reducing the monotony of design.

One item constantly compliments the other with variations, just as black compliments white. In the incident that the available design objects are of similar heights, height risers are a solution for this. These a alternative objects added to a scene to create the balance in the varying heights of the major items. These could be photo frames, portraits, books etc.


Always identify your focal point as per the room in question.

This mainly applies to living and dining rooms, since they the most public and social rooms in a house. The focal point purely allows for visual company, that one can sit at any angle of the room and still be introduced to the main focus of the room. The focal point in this case could be a screen, large portrait, beautiful scenery outside the large windows of a room, or a fireplace in the case of the Edwardian buildings.

Once the focal point is identified, all furniture is directed to its direction. With this tip applied, one can never go wrong with interior design and space planning.





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