There is a mystery behind colors, mysteries too hard to exhaust. Hidden feelings are expressed when colors are mixed and displayed right, likewise an environment is dictated by these as per a painter’s intention. For a quick view, take a look at children hospital rooms, observe the emphasis with which bright colors are used in the walls, toys, and furniture. The intention is to create hope, joy, happiness and creativity to the children amidst a painful situation they might be in.

With this brief, now you understand, why there is need to put emphasis in painting your walls right. No need to work yourself out, here’s some guide!

Before you start to paint your room, pause the paint brush and confirm to yourself that the theme colors you intend to paint are exactly what you want. Did you research about the colors? Does it suite your imagination? Will the room serve its purpose if painted with the proposed colors? To rid yourself of these doubts and questions, you should observe the following:

  • 1. Discover the right paint color Inspiration.
  • 2. Use a color theory to draft your Color Scheme.
  • 3. Get Creative with Neutral Paint Colors.


There are quite a lot of important factors you need to consider before you set yourself into painting your interior space. However, in this draft, I’ll put emphasis on how best you can discover the right color inspiration.


1.Functionality of the room

Always match the color to the feeling you want in the roomThe functionality of a room is rather heavily dictated by its color scheme. Knowing the purpose for which a room serves will always guide on what colors to paint. As earlier referenced, a children’s play room will definitely dictate bright colors like orange, yellow, red, green.

Lighter colors also tend to make a room appear larger because of their appearance recede away from you in your mind’s eye. You might want to revise your colors in case your room is small. Here, consider white, cream, or a lightened version of your favorite colors.

Alternatively, if you want to make a large space feel cozier, using warm, darker colors are definitely your take.



2. Personality of the property owner

This is usually not so much given priority yet needed in the color scheme choices especially for one painting a residential building. Colors always communicate emotions and lifestyle. In considering this, one must seek to extract a client’s idea of what they want their interior to look like so as to best define a color scheme.

Take an example, the interior of a music celebrity must define the celebrity’s personality.  Gray being an elegant color, it works perfectly as per my taste but i was constantly amazed to find people who had an otherwise view about it. In drawing your color inspiration, greatly consider what is ideal for the building owner and work around it to extract the best interior.



3. Contrast aim for the room in question.

We all know that light is an important aspect in the interior of a building. A room ought to have 30% of its wall space allocated to openings for provision of light. What about a room with less openings than required for perfect natural light? The obvious solution to this is to add more lighting appliances into the room at different angles of a room.

But hey, did you know that colors contribute to the lighting effect in a room? In such scenarios, consider painting the room with bright colors say white, you’ll realize that there’s absolutely less need for too many bulbs in the room.

Likewise, if a room has too many openings, you might want to add a deeper shade of color in your paint works to balance up the excessive brightness in a room.




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