Interesting that thousands of property seekers are worked out by whether a property is a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian and whether it will make the perfect home. It’s rather beyond the period of a building’s existence or era unless if, of course it’s the reason one seeks to own or rent a property. If it’s the case, we’re still up for your rescue.

In Building architecture, no past is really past but rather a reference of the present and better yet a bridge to tomorrow’s new design styles. Every invention is an upgrade of what once existed say from tents to houses, and better now from old architecture to new architecture styles. Knowing the basics of how the different period buildings is an important guide to one seeking to buy a property building but undergoing a development plan, your sure need expertise guidance on how to g about it.

Well, I’ll tell you this, it’s what you want to experience in a property that will dictate your choice. No boastful talk here but we’re good at identifying the interest of an individual when we sense their definition of comfort and always transform what’s existing to what they actually want.



Its important for one to understand that not all periodic buildings quality to be heritage properties. Heritage properties rather have a more direct national governance over their developments and usage. Furthermore, the extent to which any developments is done on them is dictated by the state authorities to preserve their national significance. However, heritage or not, the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles were applied in the respective architecture eras. In a brief, here are basics to differentiate the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Architecture.

1. Georgian property features

  • 1.Sash windows with small panes.
  • 2.Taller windows on the first two floors and smaller windows on upper storeys
  • 3.No private garden but built within a terrace.
  • 4.Stucco fronted exterior with a flat, symmetrical appearance. Balanced, roomy interior layout.


2. Victorian property features

  • 1.Large bay windows with stained glass windows
  • 2.Brickwork porches and general colored brickwork.
  • 3.Geometric tiles in hallways and wooden floors
  • 4.Dull floral wallpaper as internal finishes


3. Edwardian property features

  • 1.Chimneys located part-way down the roof and directly above the fireplaces in the rooms below.
  • 2.Larger but fewer rooms as compared to the Victorian buildings
  • 3.Front gardens (many of which have since been converted to driveways) and generous back gardens.
  • 4.Parquet wood floors
  • 5.Ornate tilework
  • 6.Wide hallways
  • 7.Brighter interiors
  • 8.Large windows for air and light.
  • 9.Steep-pitched roofs




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