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Most areas of the home need general upkeep to prolong functioning use, however, roofs are much better at keeping their problems hidden. Not only that, but the effects of unsolved roof issues could be very problematic and expensive to fix. So, you should carry out these tasks to ensure the security of your roof.

Check your roof!
Unfortunately, roofs very rarely get the attention they deserve. It can be easy to go years without looking up on the shingles, especially when there is no need to. But the warning signs of roof damage will never be seen without looking, so it’s good to check at least once a year.

Clear away moss
Moss is roof enemy number one. Not only does it hold water, damaging most building materials over time, but it can sprout underneath and in between shingles. By growing between the cracks, moss can actually lift, move and even completely dislodge shingles creating space for leaks. When removing moss, we always recommend getting a professional on board. Roofs are places you can’t afford to make a DIY disaster.

Unclog gutters
It’s easy overtime for gutters to fill with debris and dirt. If water cannot properly drain, it may back up and cause huge problems. This is especially important with drainage on flat roofs as backed-up water could linger for long periods and do serious damage.

Trim nearby branches
If your roof is overshadowed by trees in any way, trimming the trees back can be a great way to avoid future problems. Not only will overgrowing branches drop leaves and small twigs into your gutters, but a snapped branch in a storm could make some very expensive mess.

Insulate your roof properly
Effective and functioning roof insulation is a tricky thing to get right. A roof needs to stop heat from escaping, but if not properly ventilated, a roof can collect moisture in condensation. This lingering moisture can rot and weaken your roof from the inside, which then becomes a real problem. Regularly monitor your insulation and ventilation in your home to avoid these costly repairs.


At London Building Contractors, we strongly recommend hiring a professional whenever tending to your roof. Roofs are complex beasts and mistakes or oversights can be very costly. Here are some professionals you may need to consult:

Roofing contractors
Though most builders and contractors will have general roof knowledge, there may be situations where you need a specialist. Specialists will likely be required in complex situations, such as irregularly shaped roofs, particularly steep pitches or roofs with large amounts of damage.

Structural engineers
Structural engineers specialise in the science and safety of structural strength, and their expertise may well be required in roof works. Roofs are heavy things and need a lot of support to provide shelter safely, so it’s always good to get the opinions of an expert.

When designing any new space, whether it’s a new build or extension, we always recommend you consult an experienced architect. Their knowledge of designing homes will come in very handy when picking a roof type and material, ensuring you get the roof that fits your desired space and style.

At London Building Contractors, our services include:

  • General Building Work
  • Full Architectural & Design Services
  • Property Extension
  • Renovation/ Extension
  • Bespoke Furniture Design
  • Planning Permission
  • Retail / Office/ Leisure Centre / Embassy/ Concept Development,
  • Planning
  • Concepts / Master planning & Urban Design
  • Interior Design and Space Planning
  • 3D Modelling
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Project Management
  • Planning Supervisor (CDM Health & Safety)
  • Bespoke Furniture Design
  • Shop-Fitting Production
  • Shed House
  • Loft Conversion
  • Kitchen Fitting/ Bathroom Fitting
  • Plastering
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Patio
  • Pointing
  • Tilling
  • Underheating
  • Fittings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

With this complete service, you can be sure you’re getting the right support, wherever you are in your journey.

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