London Building Contractors is aware of the increasing drive to improve the standards of sustainable development at all levels of the construction industry. This is triggered by recent reports on global challenges like climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, and poverty.

As part of our commitment to sustainable construction, London Building Contractors will consider the sustainability implications of building materials, construction activities and building operations, and will undertake all construction and refurbishment activities in line with the following principles:

Sustainable Consumption & Production

  • Promote energy efficient proposals in design and material resources, while considering the whole life costs, to reduce environmental impacts from the use of energy, resources and hazardous substances; protecting planet &
  • Encourage ideas, innovation, modern methods of construction and digital technologies internally and with our supply chain, that will create sustainable value for our key
  • Maximize the use of recycled materials in the execution of all our contracts and that any goods or supplies provided also have good end-of-life recyclability
  • Reuse and recycle resources on site, through sustainable management of materials, to reduce and ultimately eliminate waste in Construction and Renovation.
  • Re-use existing built assets and construct new energy efficient and resilient buildings and structures which are easy to maintain, operate, deconstruct and

Creating Sustainable Communities

  • Contribute to social and economic regeneration by employing and nurturing a local committed, skilled and adaptable workforce, working in an environment of zero accidents and incidents with appropriate arrangements for education and training, employment, health, safety and
  • Offer inclusive employment, career development, career opportunities and life-long learning, supporting our teams to be diverse, engaged, motivated and
  • Respect local People and Places, by involving and engaging local communities in our
  • Work to deliver a lasting

Climate Change & Energy

  • Minimise carbon emissions during construction and renovation.
  • Promote buildings with lower carbon footprint in use and work to achieve zero carbon
  • Reduce delivery and commuting mileage whenever possible through effective logistics management.

Natural Resources & Enhancing The Environment

  • Minimise and conserve natural resources such as energy, water, stone, and
  • Proactively create, manage and enhance wildlife habitats and natural landscapes

This policy statement will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of London Building Contractors and any other relevant stakeholders.