5 Key things to Consider when building your dream home!

Are you in intense pursuit for the construction of your perfect dream home? You might need to re-consider your pace if these factors have not yet been considered!

1. Plot and property size

Your use of space always plays a big role in determining the style, shape and general outlook of your home. Are you interested in the personal nature of a cozier space or you want it simple and accommodative? Know this, when building your home, you definitely have a say in its final look, so always think exhaustively! This makes it easy your planners or construction team to meet your expectations!

One of the biggest initial factors to consider is, of course, the size you want. Most property owners are quick to dictate the size of the house, number of rooms and external appearance of their building. This is definitely a good place to start, however always remember, your plot size and dimension too will either back you up or push you back to the drawing board. Always have these transparent enough at the planning phase to avoid on-site changes that might suffocate the originality of your design.

2. Location

While many go for construction in convenient or available places, sometimes a good location will undoubtedly give your house the perfect breath. This is the perfect time and reason to be picky in choosing what you really want, so don’t be afraid sit back and identify some potential locations.

Location not only adds up to the exterior of a house, it is most likely to shake up your pockets too. Building a similar house on a hill top, beach, swampy area or in the middle of a city will have different budgets by virtue of location.

3. External features/ Landscaping

Commonly, many get tossed up with the interior details of their property in plan and totally forget to consider exterior of house.

Well, construction when in planning, requires that your mind tours the building while in conception. Part of this might require considering your area or neighborhood you believe will fit your lifestyle and be a good place to call home

This is where an architect’s input might be of great help drafting your dream home into a reality before it is put on ground. Whether you want a pool or a green grassy playground for the kids, have these in mind so that we can help you realize them.

4. Materials to be used

Materials used in the construction of your home will greatly affect its acoustics and are therefore crucial in design. This definitely interrupts the estimated project cost while applying finishes on a building if not considered at initial planning phase . However, it might solely call for an artistic mind or rather an interior designer. You can opt for ceramics, concrete, wood or glass. You may also use a majority of prefabricated elements which can to save time and reduce on expected costs if otherwise.

5. Cost

Count your cost before you build, a common phrase from old. You don’t want to start building and half way the achievement of your dream home becomes its end.

The cost and budget are major considerations but remember, these are not limiting factors. Knowing your financial capacity early enough will guide in prioritizing major areas of focus during the planning and construction of your dream home.

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As you keep your mind focused on these different key factors, remain excited and expectant about your project as you focus on finally moving in. The making always comes before the planning, we are is your solution when it comes to planning your dream home!

We’re here to help!

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