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Advantages of free no-obligation quotes

Posted on: July 8th, 2021 by London Building Contractors No Comments

At London Building Contractors, we treat every client individually based on their specific requirements, ensuring that the quote contains a thorough description of the scheduled works and is accurate. As a result, we provide free, no-obligation quotes to all of our potential customers.

Free quotes have clear advantages because they cost nothing at all for our consumers to merely acquire information about our construction materials and costs of labour.

Secondly, with there being no obligation, customers are given the freedom to decide, whether or not our construction services are right for them. Furthermore, the quotes are personalised for each customer.

How do we devise our personalized no-obligation quotes?

Our construction experts first prepare an estimate, which is a current approximation of how much works would cost, not a fixed price, so it is open to revision.

After we have verbally agreed on an estimate, we plan an onsite visit to ascertain accurate pricing for the job being offered to … Continue reading

5 Key Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Posted on: July 2nd, 2021 by London Building Contractors No Comments

Many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their existing homes. This can be a renovation or reconstruction of an existing room. For instance, installing a brand new kitchen or a bathroom.

Although there are many ways to renovate a house, loft renovation is one of the most beneficial options, which allows you to upgrade your house without moving, and even if you only need a storage room, you can expand and professionally remodel your home without having to spend a lot of money.

Even if you just need the storage space, having your loft professionally converted with London Building Contractors will maximise your loft potential.

Here are the five key benefits of a loft conversion.

Easier and Cheaper Than Moving You may consider moving to a big house, but for many people, money, time, and pressure will make this option untenable. A loft conversion is a cheaper, faster, and simpler alternative to moving, however, it … Continue reading

5 Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Posted on: June 28th, 2021 by London Building Contractors No Comments

There are two types of underfloor heating systems: electric and water heaters. Electric heating systems use cables across the entire area of the room and are relatively easy to install. They can either be installed in one section of the room or spread all over the surface. Electric heating systems are a little more expensive than water ones, although it depends on your current electricity provider. Therefore, many people merely cover one section of the room to reduce the price.

Water-based heating systems, sometimes referred to as wet underfloor heating, are connected to a thermal source (conventional boiler or heat pump) and involve pumping water through underfloor heating pipes. The only disadvantage here is that they are more difficult to install than their electrical equivalents.

Underfloor heating systems consume a lot less power than other similar systems. As the radiant heat principle is applied, the required temperature is reduced, so it takes less time and electricity to heat the … Continue reading

Roof Replacement Vs. Roof Repair: Which One Is Right For You?

Posted on: October 13th, 2020 by London Building Contractors No Comments


When it comes to your home, an ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure. In other words, regular maintenance is good for both your home’s appearance and your wallet. Putting off needed repairs might save you in the short-term, but it will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. However, not all home improvement decisions are cut and dry. For example, it’s sometimes possible — and entirely acceptable — to repair a roof rather than replace it. Which route you take depends on several factors, including the type of damage and what percentage of the total roof surface is in need of repair.

When It’s Okay to Simply Replace Asphalt shingles

In some cases, replacing a few shingles is all you need to restore beauty and function to your roof. Asphalt shingles are designed to last for decades, and today’s modern roofing designs are engineered to last for as long … Continue reading

Beam vs Joist

Posted on: July 6th, 2020 by London Building Contractors No Comments

Joists and beams are two types of structural elements that have similar and related functions in home construction. Both are horizontal members, meaning they are installed level with the ground or floor below, and both are supported on their ends (and sometimes in their middles) by load-bearing walls, columns or other types of vertical supports. Joists and beams are standard elements of floor structures, and it’s not inaccurate to think of a joist as a small beam. But where they differ is in size and role. A beam is a large member made of very thick solid wood or laminated wood (or other materials), while joists are typically single boards that are often supported by beams running perpendicular to the joists.


Joists and Beams in Home Construction

In a typical house frame, joists are the primary components of the floor and ceiling structures. They span across the narrow dimension of the house and rest on the exterior walls. They … Continue reading