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Popularity of home improvement projects have been rising like never before. Creative and practical renovating ideas will not only enhance the appeal of any home, but also add to its value. So it is essential to choose a remodelling project that caters to the aesthetical and functional needs.

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While seemingly innocuous, the soil type could have a dramatic impact on your project. Michael Holmes analyses the various ground conditions and foundation solutions, revealing their cost

Soil Types A good starting point is to call your local authority Building Control department. They should be willing, informally, to … Continue reading

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Common design mistakes is more common than you think, that’s why we’ve written 9 common mistakes to help you avoid them for a fabulous décor.

1: Rooms That Are Overly Coordinated

“A room that is too carefully coordinated, with all new or store bought pieces, is very uninspiring. A … Continue reading

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Interior-Design: you’ll know that is fully ready when nothing left to add hashtag#design hashtag#interior hashtag#majestic hashtag#exterior hashtag#renovations hashtag#restoration hashtag#icondesign hashtag#execeptionaldesign hashtag#spaceplanning hashtag#spacedesign

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What A Feeling, Water Damage On The Ceiling

There are a few ways water damage can happen. Sometimes ice walls resembling The Wall from Game Of Thrones can form in gutters during winter, skylights can let more than just the sun in, and sometimes it’s just ordinary plumbing problems. … Continue reading

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Beautifully painted walls don’t stay that way forever. The need for touch-ups on painted interior walls is something to think about in advance. Not only can you avoid headaches by choosing a type of paint that is easy to work with when small repairs … Continue reading