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5 Key Benefits Of Replacing Conservatory Roof

Posted on: December 17th, 2019 by London Building Contractors No Comments

Are you living with a conservatory which is unfit for purpose or considering to build one?


Have you heard that replacement conservatory roofs can make your conservatory usable; perhaps you’ve heard of some of the other benefits too.

Here we take a look at the key benefits of replacement conservatory roofs, and specifically the Guardian Conservatory Roof.

Get a conservatory which is usable:

This is the key benefit, you have a conservatory which isn’t usable on the hottest days of the year that is unless you enjoy sitting in what is essentially a sauna.

The main flaw of conservatories is the roof – be it glass or polycarbonate as neither is fit for purpose.

A replacement conservatory roof replaces that with a solid, tiled roof and with this one change, the flaw of conservatories disappears.

The room becomes a pleasant temperature all-year round. No longer will the room be off-limits, or usable only as expensive storage. Instead, it … Continue reading

Benefits of Home Rendering

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Popularity of home improvement projects have been rising like never before. Creative and practical renovating ideas will not only enhance the appeal of any home, but also add to its value. So it is essential to choose a remodelling project that caters to the aesthetical and functional needs.

Among the varied list of choices, one of the best possible options is the home rendering. Giving your home a rustic look and unique style, this technique will be the ideal choice to provide a complete makeover to your living space without breaking your bank. External surfaces, may it is of brick, concrete or cement, appear barren when naked. However, giving it a finish through rendering will give it a new lease of life.

Rendering techniques are many, from which you can pick and choose. Some of the options include acrylic, white set, granosite, texture and cement rendering in the UK. Evaluating the pros and cons of each option is … Continue reading

Foundation Systems and Soil Types

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While seemingly innocuous, the soil type could have a dramatic impact on your project. Michael Holmes analyses the various ground conditions and foundation solutions, revealing their cost

Soil Types A good starting point is to call your local authority Building Control department. They should be willing, informally, to give you an idea of the typical soil type in the area you are building, and the sort of foundation that is appropriate. Usefully, most local authorities produce a fact sheet on typical foundation solutions for different soil types commonly found in the area. Rocks such as limestone, granite, sandstone, shale and hard solid chalk have a high bearing capacity. The rock may simply need to be stripped back and levelled off to build from. Rock can be impervious, so topsoil is likely to require drainage as it is not possible to build soak ways to dispose of rainwater or surface water. Off-mains drainage options will also be very limited.


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Common design mistakes is more common than you think, that’s why we’ve written 9 common mistakes to help you avoid them for a fabulous décor.

1: Rooms That Are Overly Coordinated

“A room that is too carefully coordinated, with all new or store bought pieces, is very uninspiring. A home is a personal narrative and personality should shine through. In this living room, we used items from travels and small vintage pieces to really bring the space to life.”

2: Choosing Small-Scale Furnishings for Small Spaces

“In small bathrooms, people tend to select petite vanities, which can minimize usability of the space and make it appear smaller. This bathroom had a small footprint, so we used a monochrome colour palette and created a custom floating vanity that extended into the shower space for maximum impact. For small rooms especially, a well-designed custom solution can make the space appear larger and function better.”

3: Too Many Accessories

“A common design … Continue reading

Space organising tips l Design ideas l Majestic living space I Exceptional finish

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