Hatfield Hertfordshire


This property was purchased at the auction and the owner wanted to convert it to a decent family home environment. The project encompassed a significant renovation effort, touching every aspect of the property to create a comfortable, modern, and functional living space. Our team displayed their expertise and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless renovation experience and outstanding results for our client.

We began by removing the old wallpaper and preparing the surfaces for a fresh, new look. The walls and ceilings were carefully repaired, addressing any cracks and gaps to create a flawless foundation. Our team also skilfully renovated the bedrooms and staircases, giving them a refreshed appearance and improved structural integrity.

The render work and woodwork repairs further enhanced the property’s aesthetics and durability, while a fresh coat of paint brought a sense of unity and elegance to the space. In the kitchen, we removed the old flooring and replaced it with modern laminate flooring, elevating both the functionality and style of the area.

The bathroom floors were also updated, with old materials removed and replaced by sleek, durable tiles. Our team expertly handled the kitchen fittings and cabinetry installation, ensuring a cohesive design and efficient use of space. The addition of a new radiator provided enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

We carried out a comprehensive bathroom renovation, removing the old base unit and fitting a new one, creating a more functional and visually appealing space. Our team also installed new insulation and pipework, ensuring the property’s long-term efficiency and comfort.

One of the project’s key challenges was repairing and plastering an unstable, fragmented wall. Our team applied their expertise and adhered to British Standards, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety for the client.