Prince Consort Road London


A transformation of an old kitchen space inside a Listed Building. We focused on a complete kitchen renovation, transforming the space into a functional and stylish culinary haven. Our team worked diligently to address every aspect of the renovation, from design to execution, ensuring a seamless process and exceptional results.

The project began with the development of a well-thought-out kitchen layout plan, catering to the client’s needs and preferences. Our team then proceeded with the full renovation, starting with the removal of damaged wallpaper and preparing the walls for a fresh start. Given the extent of the wall damage, we applied skim coating and filled gaps and cracks to create a smooth and pristine surface.

With the walls prepared, we removed the old electrical wiring and installed a new fire alarm detector for enhanced safety. Our team also took care of the wiring throughout the kitchen, ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical system. The addition of spotlights created a well-lit and inviting atmosphere, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

To further enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics, we installed elegant cornices and applied a fresh coat of paint throughout the space, breathing new life into the room. Our team also revived the old commercial extractor fan, restoring its functionality and ensuring a comfortable cooking environment.

The base units and shelves were installed with precision, offering ample storage and workspace. We fitted wall cabinets and top-quality kitchen fittings, ensuring a cohesive and modern design. Finally, our team put the finishing touches on the project with a thorough clean, leaving the kitchen in pristine condition and ready for the client to enjoy.

This full kitchen renovation showcases our ability to transform even the most challenging spaces into beautiful and functional areas, demonstrating the expertise and craftsmanship that London Building Contractors is renowned for.