London Putney Hill


This project allowed us to demonstrate our versatility and expertise in tackling various aspects of home renovation, combining functionality and style to create a harmonious living space for our client.

Our team began by addressing the general repairs required for both the walls and ceilings, ensuring a solid foundation for the rest of the improvements. We then installed modern ceiling lighting to enhance the ambiance and fitted a gigantic fan to provide optimal airflow and temperature control. New window blinds were added, complementing the fresh aesthetics of the renovated space.

In the bedroom, we designed and installed a contemporary wardrobe with sleek mirror doors, offering ample storage while adding a touch of sophistication. The woodwork throughout the property was carefully varnished, preserving its natural beauty and enhancing durability.

The bathroom underwent a complete transformation, with meticulous repairs and the installation of high-quality fittings such as a bathtub, mirror, tiles, and a modern shower system. The electrical installations were updated to include new wall sockets, ensuring convenience and safety for the occupants.

A fresh coat of paint was applied throughout the property, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. We also installed translucent glass in doors and a skylight, allowing natural light to flood the space while maintaining privacy.

Our team expertly repaired the existing staircase, ensuring stability and safety for years to come. In the kitchen, we fitted a tiled floor and installed new kitchen fittings, seamlessly combining practicality with style.