West Hampstead London


This was another exciting project where classic look meets modern touch. The previous owner lived in the building for decades, then passed this on to her Granddaughter before she passed away. The very first thing the granddaughter told us was that; much work needed here, stripe out everything but don’t change everything in order to maintain my Grandmother memories.

This project was a major Interior-renovation-Makeover; covered ceilings, walls, flooring and more… Stripped out old kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, designed layout space and arranged new fittings. All tiled wall sections within the building were upgraded using new tiles in the renovation process. New hardwood door fitted and large timber sliding sash windows upgrades. New sliding wardrobe, etc. Structural work element, plaster-boards fitted in accordance to BS standard, rendered.

All peeled wall sections repaired in accordance to BS standard, broken tiles repaired/replaced where applicable. Repaired and redecorated walls and ceiling minor and major defects. Stripped wallpaper and corrected uneven surfaces.

Application of damp treatment and paint job. Underfloor heating system arrangement. New plumbing and radiator installed.

Established new electric wiring and connection; wall lights, downlights and spotlights features. Application of paint colour theme in gold, cream blue and mahogany across the board.